How do I trigger the Panic Alert in the Iyzil app?

 Iyzil is the only Women's safety and security service in Pakistan which allows its users to trigger panic alert in any emergency situation. There are three ways to trigger the Panic Alert in the Iyzil app:
1. By pressing the in-app Panic Button.
2. Shaking your phone.
3. Pressing your phone volume button three times

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    • How do I trigger a panic alarm?

      You can trigger a panic alarm in 3 ways: 1) by pressing the in-app panic button. 2) by shaking your phone 3) by pressing the volume button on your phone 3 times.
    • Who will be notified when I trigger the Panic Alert?

      When you trigger the Panic Alert, your personal responders and Iyzil's 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team, will instantly be notified that you require help along with your precise location and battery percentage.
    • How to change Panic Alarm Settings?

      Open Iyzil app Tap on 'Settings'  Tap' Panic Alarm Settings' Make the changes as you desire Save the new settings
    • Will the police be notified if I trigger the Panic Alert?

      No, the police are not directly notified when you trigger the Panic Alert. Instead, our 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team will call you within 30 seconds to inquire about the nature of your emergency. With your consent, they will transfer ...
    • How does Iyzil work?

      1. Download the Iyzil app and create a free account. 2. Add your trusted family members, friends, even security guards as your "Personal Responders" within the app. 3. In an emergency situation, trigger the "Panic Alert" feature in the app. 4. ...