Who are we?

Iyzil, a Pakistani company with Tax ID () number, is the owner of the website located with the domain name www.iyzil.com and the mobile application "Iyzil app" available for users to download from phones having iOS and App Store.

We have developed this privacy policy to make you feel confident about the privacy and security of your Personal Information. Iyzil takes all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to your Personal Information. This privacy policy applies to the Website and Mobile Application and all the pages and subpages included in it and the application. 

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    • What type of data does Iyzil store?

      Iyzil stores data to provide proof of evidence of our users. The primary purpose of this data is to contact the user in an emergency and provide Help.  The following data of the user is acquired: Location data from the active period of your Panic ...
    • What do you mean by 'Background Service' in General Settings?

      Background service, when turned on, means the Iyzil app keeps running in the background. You can easily trigger the Panic Alarm without opening the app (by pressing the Volume button three times or Shaking the phone). 
    • What does 'Vibration Alert' in the General Settings mean?

      Vibration Alert is a feature that is connected with your Panic Button Alert. When turned on in General Settings, your mobile will vibrate whenever your Panic Button is triggered to notify you.
    • What personal information does Iyzil collect from you?

      All the data requested when you register as a user of the Iyzil are mandatory. Once you have registered as a user of the application, Iyzil will collect certain necessary information regarding your use of it to allow you to enjoy its features. We may ...
    • Why do we process your data?

      Iyzil collects and processes manually and automatically all the data that you provide us solely for the purpose reported in each case. Amongst these purposes, we process your data to: Manage your Iyzil user account for you to be able to use our ...