What is the Panic Alarm feature?

The Panic Alarm feature helps to send Panic Alerts to your Responders and (or) 24/7 Professional Monitoring Team. Whether you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the city or have to cross the neighborhood at night, there are plenty of risky situations you need to be prepared for. 

Keep your Iyzil App active for triggering the Panic Button by only shaking the phone or pressing the volume button three times to immediately send a Panic Alert to your loved ones so they can find you and ensure your safety. The Panic Button is a simple and efficient solution for people who fall the victims of domestic abuse and violence, as their acquaintances, other family members, or friends can take the proper measures for their safety.

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    • What is Route Management Feature?

      With the Route Management feature, you can manage your routes as Routine, Safe, or Unsafe. Save your routes to check, and share with your Responders to notify them if you deviate from the route. Your Panic Alarm will be triggered automatically, and ...
    • How to change Panic Alarm Settings?

      Open Iyzil app Tap on 'Settings'  Tap' Panic Alarm Settings' Make the changes as you desire Save the new settings
    • How can I trigger the Panic Alarm?

      You can trigger the Panic Alarm by pressing the in-App Panic Button. But you can also trigger the Alarm instantly by Shaking your Phone (Android only) or by Pressing the Volume Button three times.  These features help save time and the hassle of ...
    • How can I change the Panic Alarm Settings?

      You can change the Panic Alarm Settings in the following manner:  Open 'Settings' Click on 'Panic Alarm Settings' Now, you can turn on/off or change the Panic Alarm settings
    • How can I turn off the Panic Alarm sound?

      You can change the Panic Alarm sound in the following way: Tap the 'Settings' option in the Iyzil App Tap on 'General' Turn off the 'Alarm Alert' Save the changes