What happens if I deviate from my route?

If you deviate from your route, your Panic Alarm will be triggered automatically. Notifications will sent to your Ring Responders and 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center (if you are using Premium Version). 

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    • What is Route Management Feature?

      With the Route Management feature, you can manage your routes as Routine, Safe, or Unsafe. Save your routes to check, and share with your Responders to notify them if you deviate from the route. Your Panic Alarm will be triggered automatically, and ...
    • How to start a route?

      Start your route simply by: Tap 'Routes'  Tap the 'Start' icon on the right side of the screen Edit your notification alerts to the Responders Your route has been started 
    • I have reached my destination. How can I end my route?

      Simply tap the 'Stop' icon on the right side of the screen. Now save your route as Routine, Safe, or Unsafe. ​
    • What happens if I trigger the Panic Alarm by mistake?

      If you have triggered the Panic Alarm by mistake, you can undo it within 5 seconds.  Our highly professional and active Monitoring Agents get back to you within 10-15 seconds via phone call. It is done for confirmation and to know what kind of Help ...
    • What happens when I trigger the Panic Alarm?

      When you trigger the Panic Alarm, a notification is sent to your Responder(s) and your precise location. They get to know where you are and what help you need. Your Responders can respond to your Alert and assist you. We recommend you add at least 2 ...