What do you mean by 'Background Service' in General Settings?

Background service, when turned on, means the Iyzil app keeps running in the background. You can easily trigger the Panic Alarm without opening the app (by pressing the Volume button three times or Shaking the phone). 

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    • What does 'Vibration Alert' in the General Settings mean?

      Vibration Alert is a feature that is connected with your Panic Button Alert. When turned on in General Settings, your mobile will vibrate whenever your Panic Button is triggered to notify you.
    • How to change Panic Alarm Settings?

      Open Iyzil app Tap on 'Settings'  Tap' Panic Alarm Settings' Make the changes as you desire Save the new settings
    • What is the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service?

      The 24/7 Professional Monitoring team bridges the gap between Iyzil users and local authorities. With this service, users can engage emergency service authorities without any trouble.  When an Iyzil user triggers the panic alert, Iyzil's 24/7 ...
    • What is the benefit of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service?

      24/7 Professional Monitoring helps bridge the gap between the user and emergency service authorities (15,1122, etc.). This service saves the user from the hassle of engaging local authorities in emergency situations.  Our Professional Monitoring ...
    • How can I change the Panic Alarm Settings?

      You can change the Panic Alarm Settings in the following manner:  Open 'Settings' Click on 'Panic Alarm Settings' Now, you can turn on/off or change the Panic Alarm settings