Is the Iyzil app only for females?

Iyzil app is specially designed to ensure the safety and security of females in Pakistan. However, men can also use it to use Safety and Security features. In addition to reporting incidents to get Help, men can become Responders of their female family members and friends. 
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    • What is Iyzil?

      Iyzil is a Smart Female Safety and Security Solution developed as an easy-to-use App. Iyzil's Security Solution also consists of a 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service and Responder's Ring. Users can trigger the Panic Alarm to get help instantly.  ...
    • Does the Iyzil app contain pop-up ads?

      No, the Iyzil app does not contain any pop-up ads.
    • In which cities of Pakistan does Iyzil App work?

      Iyzil App is available for download all across Pakistan. Similarly, users of Iyzil can use the app to trigger Panic Alarms in any part of the country, and we will assist. 
    • What kind of different features does the Iyzil app offer?

      Features of the Iyzil app include Panic Alarm, Responders Ring, Route Management, and 24/7 Professional Monitoring.
    • Can I use the Iyzil app for Free?

      Yes. We offer a free version for those who want to use the Iyzil app and explore its feature. This version has limited access to features.  You can use the basic Safety features and send Panic Alerts to your Ring Responders.