What types of notifications will I receive from Iyzil?

 Here are the types of notifications you will receive from Iyzil:

  1. Panic Alert notifications.

  2. Periodic location update notifications.

  3. Auto-deviation panic alert notifications.

  4. Personal Responder Notifications

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    • Can I turn off notifications from Iyzil?

      No, you cannot turn off notifications in Iyzil as the app is designed for women's safety and security. It is crucial to keep the notifications enabled at all times to ensure timely alerts and prompt response to any emergency situations.
    • How does Iyzil work?

      1. Download the Iyzil app and create a free account. 2. Add your trusted family members, friends, even security guards as your "Personal Responders" within the app. 3. In an emergency situation, trigger the "Panic Alert" feature in the app. 4. ...
    • How do I trigger the Panic Alert in the Iyzil app?

      Iyzil is the only Women's safety and security service in Pakistan which allows its users to trigger panic alert in any emergency situation. There are three ways to trigger the Panic Alert in the Iyzil app: 1. By pressing the in-app Panic Button. 2. ...
    • What are personal responders in Iyzil?

      Iyzil is the only Women's safety and security service in Pakistan that allows its users to add their trusted ones as personal responders. Personal responders are trusted persons who you can add to your Iyzil account to be notified in case of an ...
    • How does Smart Connectivity work in Iyzil?

      Here's how Smart Connectivity works in Iyzil: 1. Open the Iyzil app and navigate to the "Smart Connectivity" option in the navigation bar. 2. Tap on "Share My Location". 3. Choose the desired time interval for sending location updates. 4. Select the ...