How to change my email address?

You cannot change an email address once you associate with the Iyzil app.
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    • Can I change my phone number from Settings?

      Yes, you can change your phone number by: Open Iyzil app Click on 'Settings'  Tap 'Profile' Edit your number here
    • How can I change my emergency contacts?

      Open Iyzil app Click on 'Settings'  Click on 'Emergency Contacts' Click edit icon Select the contact you want to add Your emergency contact is updated!
    • How to change Panic Alarm Settings?

      Open Iyzil app Tap on 'Settings'  Tap' Panic Alarm Settings' Make the changes as you desire Save the new settings
    • What type of data does Iyzil store?

      Iyzil stores data to provide proof of evidence of our users. The primary purpose of this data is to contact the user in an emergency and provide Help.  The following data of the user is acquired: Location data from the active period of your Panic ...
    • What personal information does Iyzil collect from you?

      All the data requested when you register as a user of the Iyzil are mandatory. Once you have registered as a user of the application, Iyzil will collect certain necessary information regarding your use of it to allow you to enjoy its features. We may ...