How can I contact Support?

You can get guidelines from our Support Team anytime by calling on this number: 051-8300312  or

  • Open Iyzil app

  • Tap on 'Settings' 

  • Tap' Help and Support' 

  • Tap' Contact Support' 

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    • What is the 24/7 Professional Monitoring support?

      The 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support is a crucial service offered by Iyzil, ensuring continuous monitoring and assistance during emergency Panic trigger situations. Here's how it works: 1. Whenever you trigger the panic alert through the Iyzil ...
    • Will the police be notified if I trigger the Panic Alert?

      No, the police are not directly notified when you trigger the Panic Alert. Instead, our 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team will call you within 30 seconds to inquire about the nature of your emergency. With your consent, they will transfer ...
    • How does Iyzil work?

      1. Download the Iyzil app and create a free account. 2. Add your trusted family members, friends, even security guards as your "Personal Responders" within the app. 3. In an emergency situation, trigger the "Panic Alert" feature in the app. 4. ...
    • How can I change my emergency contacts?

      Open Iyzil app Click on 'Settings'  Click on 'Emergency Contacts' Click edit icon Select the contact you want to add Your emergency contact is updated!
    • What type of data does Iyzil store?

      Iyzil stores data to provide proof of evidence of our users. The primary purpose of this data is to contact the user in an emergency and provide Help.  The following data of the user is acquired: Location data from the active period of your Panic ...