How can I add Responders to my Ring?

To invite someone to join your Responders Ring:

  • Click on '+' on the top right of the Home screen.
  • Tap on 'Invite a Member'.
  • Share the invite link through your preferred messaging app (text, email, Whatsapp, etc.).
  • Select the contact(s) you want to invite.
  • Send the pre-filled invite message to your contact(s).
  • Each person you request will need to download the Iyzil app and create an account.    

Note: Each person needs to create their account using their phone number, email address, and password. 

  • Your invite member(s) will enter the six-digit invite code to join the Ring.
  • You will receive a confirmation notification once they enter the code.  
  • After confirmation, you will be connected to your Responders.

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    • What is a Responders Ring?

      You can add your trusted friends, family, colleagues, or near and loved ones in your Responders Ring to stay connected all the time.  If you are in any trouble, you can ask your Responder(s) for help, and they will know where you are and what kind of ...
    • How to create a Responders Ring?

      Open the Iyzil App Click on '+' on the top right of the Home screen. Now, click 'Create a Ring.'  You have now created your Responders Ring.
    • How many Responders can be in my Ring?

      If you are a paid subscriber, you can add up to 5 Responder's to your Ring. 
    • How can I join a Responders Ring?

      You can join the Responders Ring through the link shared by your friend/ family member/ near and loved one.  You can also join Responders Ring in the following way: Open Iyzil app Click on '+' on the top right of the Home screen Click on 'Join a ...
    • Why should I add Responders?

      Adding your Responders can help you stay in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones. You can keep them updated about your location and status.  In case of any emergency, you can trigger the Panic Alarm and send them a notification of Help. If ...