Do we share your information with someone else?

We only share your information with relevant authorities in case of any emergency.
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    • What personal information does Iyzil collect from you?

      All the data requested when you register as a user of the Iyzil are mandatory. Once you have registered as a user of the application, Iyzil will collect certain necessary information regarding your use of it to allow you to enjoy its features. We may ...
    • What rights do users have when you provide us with your information?

      Iyzil is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your data. For such reasons, we give you the appropriate answers when you request the exercise of your rights. Following are the rights concerning the personal data we process are ...
    • How long do we keep your information?

      We store your data only when you maintain your registered user account and until you decide to unsubscribe. 
    • How can I add Responders to my Ring?

      To invite someone to join your Responders Ring: Click on '+' on the top right of the Home screen. Tap on 'Invite a Member'. Share the invite link through your preferred messaging app (text, email, Whatsapp, etc.). Select the contact(s) you want to ...
    • What is Route Management Feature?

      With the Route Management feature, you can manage your routes as Routine, Safe, or Unsafe. Save your routes to check, and share with your Responders to notify them if you deviate from the route. Your Panic Alarm will be triggered automatically, and ...