Can I share my periodic location updates with specific personal responders?

Absolutely! With Iyzil's Smart Connectivity feature, you have the flexibility to select the personal responders you want to share your periodic location updates with.
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    • Is my location always being shared with responders?

      No, your periodic location updates are received by your personal responders at set time intervals, for the time duration you select, while sharing your location with your personal responders in the first place.
    • What are personal responders in Iyzil?

      Personal responders in Iyzil are individuals whom you trust and designate to be notified in case of an emergency. They can be your family members, friends, or even security guards. By adding personal responders to your Iyzil account, you ensure that ...
    • How do I add personal responders in Iyzil?

      Follow these steps to add personal responders in Iyzil. Tap on “Responders” from the navigation bar Tap on “Add a Responder” A six-digit code will be generated automatically Select any channel to send the code. Select the trusted person you want to ...
    • What are personal responders in Iyzil?

      Iyzil is the only Women's safety and security service in Pakistan that allows its users to add their trusted ones as personal responders. Personal responders are trusted persons who you can add to your Iyzil account to be notified in case of an ...
    • How does Smart Connectivity work in Iyzil?

      Here's how Smart Connectivity works in Iyzil: 1. Open the Iyzil app and navigate to the "Smart Connectivity" option in the navigation bar. 2. Tap on "Share My Location". 3. Choose the desired time interval for sending location updates. 4. Select the ...