Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, all Iyzil subscriptions will automatically renew unless the user cancels the subscription.

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    • How do I sign up for a subscription plan?

      Users can sign up for a subscription plan in the Iyzil app by going to the Plans and Pricing section and selecting the desired plan. Payment can be made through the app using a credit or debit card.
    • What types of notifications will I receive from Iyzil?

      Here are the types of notifications you will receive from Iyzil: Panic Alert notifications. Periodic location update notifications. Auto-deviation panic alert notifications. Personal Responder Notifications
    • Who will be notified when I trigger the Panic Alert?

      When you trigger the Panic Alert, your personal responders and Iyzil's 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team, will instantly be notified that you require help along with your precise location and battery percentage.
    • Will the police be notified if I trigger the Panic Alert?

      No, the police are not directly notified when you trigger the Panic Alert. Instead, our 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team will call you within 30 seconds to inquire about the nature of your emergency. With your consent, they will transfer ...
    • Will the Panic Alarm be triggered if I deviate from a route?

      When you deviate more than 1 km from a saved route in Iyzil, an automatic deviation panic alert is triggered. It notifies your trusted responders and the Iyzil 24/7 Monitoring Support team, ensuring immediate assistance for your safety.