What is the 24/7 Professional Monitoring support?

The 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support is a crucial service offered by Iyzil, ensuring continuous monitoring and assistance during emergency Panic trigger situations. Here's how it works:
1. Whenever you trigger the panic alert through the Iyzil app, the alert is immediately sent to the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support team's dashboard.
2. Trained professionals, who are available round the clock, receive the alert and call you within 30 seconds of panic activation to assess the situation and provide necessary guidance and support.
3. They are in constant coordination with PEHL-911, a reliable emergency response service, to provide necessary medical or authoritative dispatch.
4. The professionals evaluate the nature of your emergency and, with your consent, transfer your case to PEHL-911.
5. Along with sharing your live location and battery percentage, they ensure that the nearest authorities are informed and dispatched promptly.
6. Within minutes, the authorities reach out to you, ensuring your safety and helping you navigate through the situation.

With the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support, you can have peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are there to assist you in any emergency. Iyzil is proud to be the only women's safety and security service in Pakistan providing this crucial service.